Civic Action Reflection

An issue that I care about is sufficient access to affordable housing and infrastructure. Working with the Fuller Center for Housing in Georgia and working closely with individuals affected by the system that limits them from accessing quality housing and access to infrastructure has made me care more about the issue over the last few years. Access to quality housing is inequitable and often less available to people of color and people of lower incomes. Communities impacted by inequitable housing experience difficulty accessing necessary infrastructure. Limited transportation restricts individuals and being located in food deserts makes accessing food necessities difficult. Access to public transportation is especially inaccessible to many living in urban areas. According to the UN, only half of the worlds population living in urban areas has convenient access to public transport. People with a lack of adequate housing are more likely to experience difficulty with convenient access to public transport. It is a system that consistently holds individuals back, a cycle that is difficult to get out of. While there are individuals and groups supporting those experiencing lack of affordable housing and inadequate transportation, as long as there is not legislation being put in place to change the system, individuals will continue to be hurt by the system.

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