A Necessary Evil

Henry was a little too crazy before he was neutered. He would jump, mark, and not listen to commands. He was never aggressive, but his hormones were out of control so after he turned 6 months old, he was taken to the vet and had the surgery. The outcome was amazing, and it has helped both him and our family be able to have a peaceful life.

            In the PubMed article, the study found that with neutering and the decrease of hormones in an adolescent dog, it helps decrease hyperactivity and unwanted behaviors. The study was done through an online survey where the breed of the dog was required and

 other factors such as age and if the canine had gotten a desexing surgery. The second part of the survey was about the behaviors that had changed after the surgery was performed. The study had concluded that neutering decreases a dog’s aggressiveness to other dogs and also deceases their anxious behavior that leads to marking and hyperactivity. Therefor the surgery does in fact reduce the unwanted behavior of adolescent canines (Kriese 2022).

            For any dog owner, getting the family puppy neutered/spayed could be the best decision for you and your dog. Their behaviors will be more predictable and trainable, creating a better relationship between owner and canine.


Kriese, M., Kuźniewska, E., Gugołek, A., & Strychalski, J. (2022, July 23). Reasons for and behavioral consequences of male dog castration-A questionnaire study in Poland. Animals : an open access journal from MDPI. Retrieved November 6, 2022, from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9330254/

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  1. Zhane Gumbs

    If owners want to breed their dogs, is there a way to control their aggressiveness and trainability?

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