Chihuahuas are enormously loyal and loving

They want nothing more than to be with you everywhere. Yours may follow you from room to room and be perfectly happy curled up in your lap all day. In my situation, Coco doesn’t follow me everywhere, he just looks for me when it’s a cold day. He can stay all day with my mom, he follows her to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to the garden, everywhere. We usually bring him with us when we go to the supermarket or when we go out because he can’t stay apart from my mom. His tiny size makes him extremely portable, so it’s not unusual to see him tucked into a tote bag, traveling around town with his owner. 

It is thought that cavemen had a relationship with wolves, which are the progenitors of dogs. Early men may have fed and sheltered wolves, and the wolves may have demonstrated loyalty by not hunting them. This explains why Chihuahuas are so loyal to the person that feeds them. However, as many chihuahuas owners might tell you this isn’t always the case, they might be more loyal to their alpha.

Chihuahuas are known to suffer from separation anxiety, which causes them to get frightened and stressed at the simple notion of being left alone. As a result, it will constantly follow you around and cry when you are about to leave. When you return, the same Chihuahua will shower you with kisses. Something really interesting about Coco is that he can sense when my mom is coming back from work so he starts crying in the door even before my mom’s car is parked. Your dog’s anxiousness may also build feelings of love and loyalty.



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  1. Zhane Gumbs

    My boyfriend’s chihuahua passed away 3 ago and I remember her being mean/aggressive to everyone else but the people that cared for her. It’s interesting to see how a trait can be carried over such a long period of time to today’s dogs.

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