In order to have access to The Media Center’s 5d and 6d full-frame SLR cameras, one must pass a technical quiz. This quiz covers the basic technique that you would learn in an introductory photography class. If you are self taught, you can reference the articles below.

In order to pass the quiz you must get all the questions correct. It is “open book” and you can research answers that you initially get wrong.

You must take the quiz at The Media Center during business hours (M-F 8-5) . Either Josh, Brenda or Julie will grade the quiz and give instant feedback.

The following topics will be included:


shutter speed


focal length

setting the video settings


If you would like to schedule an appointment to speak about your projects or get some technical advice you can also reach out to Julie to addresses your ideas/ concerns:


Here are some readings to help you succeed passing the quiz



This article outlines the components of shooting manually in a very basic way.


How to Use Manual Mode to Make Artistic Choices for Your Photography


This article gives a bit more technical information about the same concepts:


This article outlines the basic concepts of focal length:


4 Things You Should Know About Focal Length and Composition


Understanding video settings:




This series of video lectures gives an extremely in depth look at the technical aspects of digital photography (not necessary for the quiz):