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Wireless Clip On Microphone

Rode Wireless Go II


Phone Gimbal




Load phone vertically or horizontally into holder.

Unscrew back knob to turn to vertical

Balance by loosening the knob on the electronic arm to extend or contract in length

When the phone stays balanced in the holder at any angle, tighten the knob

Charge gimbal on handle

Download app to use handle controls

360Fly Camera

Projector Tutorial


Canon DSLR Tutorials

Below is a video tutorial explaining aperture, shutter speed and ISO of our Canon DSLR cameras. It is 12 minutes long.

Below in an in depth video about all the buttons and abilities of our Canon DSLR Cameras. It is 33 minutes long.

Microbeam Light Tutorial

Sony Microbeam Tutorial

Microbeam Lights Tutorial

Rentable Sewing Machines Tutorial

Singer Sewing Tutorial


Canon r30 tutorial


Canon R-50 Camcorder


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