The media center is a place that most students know of for their language classes in which more often than not are given an opportunity to use the podcast rooms to do voice recordings, there is also the use of the cameras to reach a creative side of them in either photography or film. We even have a micro room in which students use for their own personal work or for classes. Either way the media center is focused on media and technology which is great because that is where the future lies. However that can also take us away from other forms of advancing with technology through the crafts.


No we don’t have futuristic methods of sewing (although there are some pretty cool tinkerings you can work with if you are interested in that) but the makery is a cool place to get crafty. Where we have scrapes of cloth if you want to learn how to do basic sewing and yarn that needs some loving. In all honesty the makery is a place for people who have the desire to create things tangible. It can also serve as a place to just get those basic adulting traits we will all need at some point.