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Dual Input Source Cable

These dual-input cables are for use with our SDHC cameras.

Way Audio Splitter

Three-Way Audio Splitter

Whether you’re working on a big recording project or simply want to share the track you’re listening to with friends, an Audio Splitter will go a long way in making that easy and comfortable for all of you. This 3 Way Audio Splitter will let you share any sound with up to two other people at the same time.

VGA Cables

VGA Cables

There are many electronic equipments that requires a VGA cable in order to display image, computer monitors, television, projector, etc. We have several available for checkout.


XLR Cables

This cable is generally used for microphones when being used with floor stands, but can be used anytime an XLR cable is needed. Shorter cables (such as for use with a desk stand) and coiled cables (for use with video cameras which have an XLR port) are also available.

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