Introduction of Staff/Media Center

  • Introduction to installed software
    • Skype
    • Can 8
    • Antidote
  • Overview of online resources
    • Dictionaries
    • Spell check/Grammar
  • Windows and Mac language settings
  • Language specific sites
    • News
    • Entertainment
    • Helpful Hints


Wordchamp – Creates mouse overs for all the words on a given page with dictionary definitions.  Great resource for introducing students to online newspapers or books in the public domain.

Project Gutenberg – Great site of public domain books.  Also works in conjuction with the site above.

The Mixxer – Organize language exchanges with native speakers via Skype.  Students can speak with their partner during our outside of class.

Babble – if you’ve seen the rather expensive Rosetta Stone software and like the principle, this is a good site.  It’s basically flash cards of words and phrases with audio.  Students add groups of vocabulary to their list and progress as they master each group.

Livemocha– rather traditional vocab and grammar excercises, though “friends” can leave comments and text anyone else on their site.  Integrates the tandem principle into the exercises with learners commenting on each other’s writing.

BBC Languages – BBC languages are very good.  They also integrate multimedia well and continue to more advanced levels than most other sites.

Google – Google tricks  – Search within site:.de  site:.fr  site:.es

Broadband TV – Watch Television from other countries

Youtube – Localized youTube  ex.  http://www.youtube.de