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SBC Softbox


SBC36 Softbox


We have Soft boxes available for photography and filming which are useful when a diffused, even lighting is desired.

Light Kit Dimmer

Light Kit Dimmer

If you’re trying to tinker with lighting for a photoshoot or movie scene but you’re finding yourself blinded by the lights intensity, grab a light dimmer with your light kit and easily use the toggle to dim the lights as much as you like. Simply attach it to the light kit and plug it into a power source and you’re good to go.

Light Kit Dimmer


Filter Holder and Filter Pack

The filter holder and filter pack are used to filter certain light spectrum to create colored lighting for filming or photography purposes.


Light Reflector

The Media Center has large reflectors available. These are most useful for reflecting sunlight for filming or photography.


Light kit

Light kits is used for photography and filming when strong exposure is needed. It includes two umbrellas, light bulbs and tripods. Check out a light kit with your camera in order to get that professional studio shot.


LED Light Kit

Our LED light kits come with two lights and tripods, and are used in filming or photography when strong lighting is needed. These will allow you to get more professional and better lit shots.


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