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ewan mcgregor green screen fun with jimmy fallon

Green Screen

We have green screens available which can be used to provide a green background for your video or photography shots in order to facilitate digital effects.

Screen Shot    at

Photography Tips

Hey Friends,

I recently found this really great video on how to take good photos. It offers advice to new and aspiring photographers, but also to people who simply want their families and friends to love them more because of the good facebook profile pictures they take. Check it out:

If you are inspired by the video but you don’t have a camera, you can come borrow one from the Media Center. We have pretty awesome cameras.

Also, if you are interested in photography, join the Photography Club on campus. We meet every other Thursday in the Alden Room (basement of the library) to look at and discuss our photos. It is a very relaxed and supportive community, so even if you have no photography skills, we will treat you with acceptance and respect. If you are interested, join next Thursday at 7.

K, see ya!


fish eye
















The Media Center has several types of lenses available for use with our Digital SLR cameras. While all of our DSLRs come with a lens, we also have wide angle, macro, and telephoto lens available for more specific uses. Additionally, we now have a fish eye lens available with 180 degree angle of view. This lens has very unique and intriguing effects which give photos dramatic and exaggerated perspectives. Here is an example:


DSLR cameras

The Media Center also has high quality digital SLR cameras for those looking to take their photography to the next level. Currently, we have Canon Eos Mark II, Canon Eos Rebel T3i, and Fujifilm X-Pro1 available. These cameras are all professional grade cameras and output high quality digital photos. These cameras are available for student use, however students must attend a training session prior to using them.


How to Clone Yourself….using Photoshop

Just saw this posted over on Photoshop Disasters and I personally always wondered how this was done.  I am surprised how incredibly simple it is if you took your shots properly.  Enjoy.


Digital Still Camera

The Media Center has several different models of Digital camera available. These cameras are simpler and easier to use than our DSLRs, but still output relatively quality digital photos. They also offer a variety of auto-focus, lighting adjustment and auto-effects. All of our compact digital still cameras can record sound and moving video as well as still photographs.


Most of our models offer a touch screen or button-operated interface, a built in zoom function, and come with batteries and a cable to connect them to a computer.


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