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Short Film Showcase

The Media Center is always a busy place but during the spring semester it rises to a whole new level of chaos.  Although many projects are worked on, our heightened level of crazy can be attributed to the two film courses that are offered in the Spring.

These students camped out here for days at a time editing their productions and finally were able to show off their work last week in 2 separate film showings.  For those of you who missed them, you still have a chance to view some of the short films here.  A few students allowed us to link to their uploaded videos.

Two of these came from the Film Production class and one came from the Documentary Film class.  Enjoy!

Bring To Life by Kia Kali

BRING TO LIFE, by Kia Kali from Kia Kali on Vimeo.

Documented By Marion Villette

Documented from Marion Villette on Vimeo.

The Beatles: Fame in the 21st Century- Documentary BY Hannah Crystal

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/qZ4PsO6u1ZM" width="500" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]

THE ZOMBIE KING World Premiere!!

PLEASE NOTE!!   The time has changed from the original posting!

From the people who didn’t bring you “The Walking Dead” and “Shaun of the Dead” comes an all-student written, directed, photographed, and edited film starring many of the people you see around campus every day, but with less make-up on. Produced on less than a micro-budget, and filmed somehow in defiance of final exams and papers, this horror movie is already a cult favorite. Don’t miss its planetary premiere.



“Dudes, this film scared the **** out of me!”

–Freddy Kruger

“Who are these guys?  I’m gonna sue their butts off!”

–George Romero

“Jeez, I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve seen every film ever made.”

–Quentin Tarantino

Wow!  Sounds amazing.  I’m so there. (Hopefully we will see YOU there too!)

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