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Shoulder Rig

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We also have a shoulder rig available which is compatible with our DSLRs, camcorders, and digital cameras. This can be an easy solution to creating stable shots with more mobility than a tripod or tripod and dolly.

Dolly and Track

For anyone interested in shooting a scene with a steady base to move a camera, we have a dolly to mount a tripod and camera as well as a good 10+ feet of PVC pipe to slide it alone and keep a smooth moving shot.


The Dolly is used for greater image stabilization when shooting panning or moving video. If you want to have a more dynamic video product, using the dolly will help to produce a nice clean look, especially with one of our nifty tripods on it.


The Media Center has several types of tripods available for use with our video and still cameras. Using a tripod can help when you need to set up a stable video shot or line up a picture just right. Dollies are also available for use with the tripods.

GorillaPod Mini Tripods

Our GorillaPod mini tripods are small and convenient to use on a table and are fully articulated, allowing them to achieve a variety of angles and setups that a normal tripod just wouldn’t be able to. The GorillaPods are available in two sizes, the size pictured above and a mobile size that is convenient to use with some of our smaller cameras.

Using a Tripod to stabilize your shots.

How to set-up a tripod to capture professional level video. Learn the step-by-step process for setting up and stabilizing your tripod.

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