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Her show Technical Erosion is 11 pm to midnight on Saturdays. It is mainly devoted to EBM, industrial, and gothic. Occasionally she’lll mix in some metal or rock ‘n’ roll.

WDCV Sports Broadcasters Cover NCAA DIII Tournament

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WDCV has always presented consistent coverage of Red Devil Athletics for both men’s and women’s games.  Their basketball coverage has been extended this season since the Men’s team has gone on to the NCAA Tournament.  We are pleased as punch that WDCV’s Sports Broadcasts have gained a wider audience in the last few days.  CBS Sports has bloggedabout how Dickinson Students “show perfect, proper way to storm the court”.  By using Dickinson’s own UStream video with WDCV’s commentary, we are able to see & hear the excitement in the air that night!

Video streaming by Ustream
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Men’s Basketball in NCAA Tournament Broadcast on WDCV



This weekend, Dickinson’s men’s basketball team will be playing Marietta in the Kline Center during the first round of the NCAA Tournament.  Tune into WDCV at 88.3fm in carlisle or online, to hear quality play by play coverage of the game if you can’t attend (or listen while your there too on your phone!)  Some of our broadcasters have watched and covered this team for four years so they really understand the growth of the team from 4-20 in 2009-10 to 20-7 CC champs this year.  Good Luck Team and thank you Red Devil Radio for your continual fantastic coverage of Dickinson Athletics!

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Dickinson Men’s Basketball

Pioneers of Marietta College (Marietta, Ohio)

Saturday, March 2

7 p.m.

Dickinson College

$6 per ticket
($3 for students, seniors and children)

Women’s Lacrosse: Dickinson Vs. Stevenson

Tune in this Saturday at 3 p.m. to listen to the sports broadcast of the women’s lacrosse game here on WDCV! Check out the #19 Dickinson Red Devils battle it out with the Stevenson Mustangs. Don’t have radio access? Can’t watch the game in person? Who cares, just use our internet live stream which is accesible from smart phones as well.


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New Online Stream!

We have been planning this for awhile and finally, finally, we have a new streaming provider.  Today we launched our streams (yes, multiple ones!) with Stretch Internet.  You should be able to hear the improvement in quality and we have 3 levels of streams so those who can’t connect through the highest connection have other options available.  We hope you like this as much as we do because we are positively giddy about it!

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