Heavy Rotation Update: New Music for Fall Days

Ah, fall. It’s a great time of year when everything gets clear and crisp and golden–the trees are pretty, you can wear your favorite jacket again, there are pumpkin-flavored things all over the place. How is pumpkin bread so good? The only thing missing is new music, music that is just as good as pumpkin bread.

Don’t worry, friend. WDCV is here to solve that problem. Here are a few favorites from what we’ve been spinning lately:

Fake Problems – Real Ghosts Caught on Tape

When Fake Problems’ album “How Far Our Bodies Go” was in our heavy rotation, I was really impressed with their unique and creative take on folk-punk. Like many other folk-punk groups, Fake Problems have gotten dancier and dancier with each subsequent release. This is especially true for “Real Ghosts Caught on Tape,” where their energy shines through tighter instrumentation and hooks. Recommended for dance parties.

Fake Problems on Myspace – check out “Soulless”

Moondoggies – Tidelands

Invariably as soon as it starts getting colder, I start getting cravings for pretty folky harmonies. Moondoggies delivers. Their myspace says that they sound like “a samurai seeking vengeance.” I’m not sure that’s true. To me they sound like a wandering troupe of bearded minstrels, seeking pumpkin soup. I guess that’s a little specific, but anyways, this album is really awesome and I’m definitely going to be spinning it a lot this season.

Moondoggies on Myspace – check out “It’s a Shame, It’s a Pity”

Jupe Jupe – Invaders

If you prefer your fall soundtrack to be primarily synthesizers instead, Jupe Jupe is for you. Space Invaders is my number two favorite video game (second only to Katamari!) so I may be a little bit slanted in my opinion of this album. Then again, isn’t that valid in itself? “Invaders” strikes a great balance between electronic elements and structured pop writing that’s surprisingly addicting. Much like Space Invaders.

Jupe Jupe on Myspace – check out “Something About Love”

You’ll hear these artists and more new independent releases if you listen to WDCV, the radio station that’s better than pumpkin pie. Check out our schedule for a full list of live shows, and our Top 30 chart to see the rest of our favorites!

Tangerine Turntable

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DJ Meetings

It’s that time again, the time when new & old djs alike come together to prepare for another excellent year of WDCV radio broadcasts.  We will be in Tome 112 Wednesday Sept. 8th & Thursday Sept. 9th at 7pm.  You only need to attend one if you want to be dj but you do have to attend one to fill out your application and learn all about WDCV.  We have made upgrades to the station over the summer and have some grand plans for the semester and we can’t wait to tell you about all of them.  We hope to see you all there!

WDCV article in the Dickinson Magazine

The Dickinson Magazine wrote up a nice article about the station and some alumni who had been very involved in WDCV over the years.  Recent grad (and sorely missed exec member ) Lacey Smith was also interviewed for the article.  Here is the link to that article on the web but it lacks some of the images so I also attached a PDF straight from the print copy.  Kudos to all involved!

Heavy Rotation Update- May 3rd

Hey Lovelies,

Final exams are approaching fast and that means you all need something to fill you ears while you fill your brains with knowledge. Why not give what we’re playing at WDCV a chance? Here’s what we’ve got for you this week.

Sugar and Gold Electro/synth pop from SF. Very 80s and very danceable. For fans of Chromeos.

Flying Lotus- Cosmogramma You had me at space opera!

Marco Benevento- Between Needles and Nightfall Piano/Instrumental reminds me a little of shugo but without the toy instruments.

Free Energy- Struck on Nothing Favorite Track? #2 This rock band from Philly and sounds like they’re an older (more classic rock) band.

Cuff The Duke- Way Down Here A great kind of low-key alternative album.

Trampled By Turtles- Palomino Bluegrass and punk rock? Their name?! How can you not play this album?

Great energy, makes me want to dance but also variety of sounds and themes.

Kings Go Forth- The Outsiders Are Back They are from Milwaukee, like me!! If that’s not enough, they also put together a fabulous album.

So give some of our Heavy Rotation a chance!

Until next week,

WDCV Music Directors

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It’s that time again….the changing of the guard if you will.  We need some fresh minds to join the station exec staff so we can keep up the momentum that we achieved this semester.  Please fill out our application ASAP so we can get all of the new staff confirmed before the semester ends.  We need people to fill all sorts of positions so if you have a skill, I’m sure we can find a way to utilize it at the station.  Everyone has something to bring to the table and we look forward to getting more people involved.

Heavy Rotation Update-4/23

I’ve got TWO WEEKS worth of awesome music for you guys! I know, I know I dropped the ball and didn’t do an update last week. Never again will I put my academics ahead of music directoring. But we’ve got some really stunning albums here at WDCV and we want to share that awesomeness with you:

River City Extension– And The Untouchable Man Like the Avett Brothers? Heard of Hoots and Hellmouth? Perhaps you like a little Spanish flavor in your folk rock. This happy album is the one for you! I especially like track #5.

Slow Club- Yeah So It’s really cute! If you are a traditional pop fan (Lenoard Cohen etc.)/folk songwriter fan you will love it! P.S. There is a cd of bonus tracks in new music!

Serena-Maneesh: S-M2: Abyss in B Minor Simply amazing, well thought out album. It has a tendency of getting weird (track 1 and 7) very amazing regardless.

Evelyn Evelyn Super weird story line of these pseudo conjoined Siamese twins (Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls and Jason Webley) as they go on adventures!

Foxy Shazam- s/t Sounds like a mix between Mika and The Mars Volta (I think this is right- but the handwriting is kind of hard to read…).

Jonsi- Go Lead singer for Sigur Ros has done a solo album. Not as crazy as their normal stuff though.

Electric President- The Violent Blue A super chill album that is still really fun. Nightmare No.5 or 6 is my personal favorite.

Young Livers- Of Misery and Toil Finally something NOT lofi 60s throwback etc… No idea says, “The culminating effort radiates and underlying majesty and grace that belies the more overt aggression.” When are they ever that eloquent? This album is good.

Inlets- Inter Arbiter Dude has a great Beruit vibe- not coincidentally, since they work together sometimes.

The Henry Clay People- Somewhere on the Golden Coast Band has a strong Modest Mouse Vibe. Do you guys like Modest Mouse? If so maybe you’ll disagree but anyway, it’s pretty fun.

Horse Feathers- Thistled Spring All I can say about this: SO PRETTY!

The Radio Department- Clinging to a Scheme Gorgeous indie pop/shoe gaze from Sweden. A bit hard to say what they sound like but I like the Bloc Party Vibes that randomly pop up through out the album. A good listen.

The Do- A Mouthful French people like them! I think they are ok.

Balkan Beat Box- Blue Eyed Black Boy I’m late on this sorry! Anyway this is a much more listenable album than the last but still pretty cool!

The Pack AD- We Kill Computers I’m freakin’ in rock love with this album. It’s got this great grungy sound, but it isn’t noise or obnoxious. It’s very reminiscent of The White Stripes, if Amanda Palmer from Dresden Dolls did the vocals.

The Living Sisters- Love to Live It’s a really good album, it features the lead signer of The Birds & The Bees also in heavy rotation.

Mathaniel Rateliff- In Memory of Loss Solid album. You can’t go wrong with any track. It’s really chill and mellow but not boring.

The Mynabirds- What We Lost In The Fire We Gained In The Flood Good album. You can’t go wrong here. Definitely hints of Rilo Kiley in there.

The Slacker-The Great Rocksteady Swindle Oh, The Slackers! Keepin’ ska faith for all of us.

Dr. Dog- Shame, Shame Drink Up Buttercup’s drummer recommend this to me. It sounds like if Of Montreal played bars like in “Piano Man” ok that’s an exaggeration kinda.

The You Know Whos- Five Songs (They were just here at DICKINSON!) Did you go to Rock-Hop on Friday? Then you already LOVE them. Did you not go? Now you can see what you missed!!

Caribou- Swim Guys the album art for this is awesome. Oh the music is good too I guess.

Laura Stevenson & The Cans-  A Record I love this woman. Prettiest music ever!

Whew! That’s a lot of music folks. Does it seem like we’re missing anything? Give us a shout in the comments and we will see what we can do!

Hugs and Kisses,

WDCV Music Directors