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Trying to figure out an idea for my blog is proved to be pretty difficult. Nevertheless, I finally decided on focusing on writing about exercise and health. For the past eight year I have been an avid gym goer. I would not in the least bit consider myself to be a professional or trainer. However, I do have a lot of knowledge in regards to exercises and eating healthy, which still proves to be difficult in college. Especially when your options here are the quarry, the snar, or … the café.

Even though I am not a professional, I know the struggles of trying loose weight. Not many people know this but when I was a twelve I weighed 120 pounds, the normal weight for kids that age is 85-90. So basically, I used to look like a ball with appendages and a head as a kid. It took up until middle school when I became serious about loosing weight and living a healthier life. However, I had to do that on my own by researching new work out plans, cardio ideas, and different diets to get me to my target weight.  Through this blog I wish to share all the knowledge I have to help out anyone who is looking for ideas of how to become healthier.

The ideas I have for the layout of my website will probably be filled with some of my favorite motivational quotes. These quotes I plan to change not daily but often. Along with the quotes I am probably going to decorate the layout with logos having to do with sports, the gym, supplement brand names. I have not really thought that much farther but I am trying to in a way mimic layouts like and

Along with the layout, I plan to upload videos covering the more advanced exercises I would recommend people to try.  As Brian Carroll explained it, short clips usually are preferred on blog site, also visual aids will assure that each exercise is executed perfectly.

My blog covers both exercising and dieting. For the dieting aspect, I decided on attaching hyperlinks onto my blogs with how to make certain meals. Each post would describe the best type of meals to have after work out. The posts will even include meals to have after a weekends when everyone is having / feeling a fat day Monday. Each of the hyper links I post for the meals are going to include the meal I delineate in the post.

As I mentioned before I am not a professional at this, and I am always learning different routines and diets every day. However, I know how hard it can be to loose those few extra pounds to get ready for beach season. The hardest part about any routine is starting trust me I know. However, as soon as you start incorporating this into your lifestyle, making it a proclivity of your life it becomes easier in the sense of gaining the mindset to attain your goal. Through these posts I am hoping to provide people with tips of where to start and how to keep pushing through.

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2 Responses to Blog topic proposal

  1. Hope Boyer says:

    This blog idea is very original! I have not had the chance to read many sports blogs, but the idea of having a blog that focuses on fitness and health could be very helpful to a lot of people our age. Maybe to make this blog unique, you could add inspirational videos or playlists of songs that are motivational to work out to. Maybe you can write posts on famous weight loss stories and interview people who have transformed themselves to meet a goal weight or ideal level of fitness. Maybe tips and weight loss plans here and there would help to keep the reader motivated to reach their own goals. Can’t wait to see what you do with this blog!

  2. E.P. King says:

    As an ex-overweight fat child, I think this is fantastic. I love the idea of creating a motivational fitness blog that isn’t just motivational quotes and photos, but also has information that is useful. I also agree that maybe some Spotify playlists would be an awesome thing to add to the site. Maybe another idea is to write about some of your own experiences with dieting and exercising. I remember trying a bunch of different things before I found what worked for me, so maybe encouraging people to try all kinds of approaches to exercising and dieting.

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