Berry Berry Good


*~Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries (sorry blackberries maybe next time) ~*

We all have cravings for certain foods, and recently berries have been on my mind. I’m a college student and unfortunately, my college (Dickinson College to be exact) doesn’t have the luxury of serving berries on a regular basis, or really ever. So thank goodness for this fall break where I can eat my luxurious berries as a night snack. They give you that instant satisfaction right when you take your first bite into that ripe and juicy strawberry or even when that blueberry bursting in your mouth as you take your first munch out of it and the insides just ooze out.

Okay, okay, no one really thinks that much into eating berries, but who doesn’t love em?!

This healthy snack has also always been super trendy. People seem to just gush over what everyone is eating and what the latest food trend is, like Kale, which is a current trend and an obsession by many. But seriously, have berries ever gone out of style? The answer to that question is obviously no. They’ve been trendy since Adam and Eve and nothing is getting in their trendy ways.


*~ Only the trendiest way to display what you’re eating is through the app. ‘Hipstamatic’ ~*

But because they have the label “fruit” on them, they instantly become a healthy addition to any meal. The best way to spice up any plain breakfast dish is simply by adding berries to it. (Just look at the picture below). From French toast to pancakes, or even a bowl of plain  cereal or Greek Yogurt, the addition of the berries adds texture and color. It’s important for your dishes to conceive of an array of colors because who wants to really Instagram a meal that’s only one bland color. The texture of the berries adds a little more zaz to each bight. So, next time you’re reaching for those Hershey kisses, stop yourself and think of something else that is just as sweet, and a little more trendy. But of course, chocolate is always good for the soul so you might as well eat both because chocolate mixed with berries is heaven on a plate.


*~Homemade French Toast. Just look at those strawberries!~*

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