Where it all begins: A cup at Dickinson.

Biblio Pumpkin Spice Latte

Biblio Pumpkin Spice Latte


Hello! My first post, how exciting! If only I wasn’t drowning in my school work after our “fall pause,” I think I would be a little less frazzled. But then again, I am always stressing myself out over one thing or another; making myself crazy about the little things so that in the end I feel accomplished. But now is my time, or our time, to sit, relax and enjoy some coffee…all stress aside. Today I start where my blog begins: Dickinson College. I am at the Biblio Cafe enjoying a pumpkin spice latte (some may say it is the drink that officially marks fall). I find it funny that we mark seasons with small items such as this, that certain drinks or candles can transport us to a particular season. Just a few days ago it was 70 degrees and I really regretted wearing a true fall outfit. What if I were to order a peppermint drink? Maybe I would transport myself to holiday season! And past all my finals…

Most of the time I will add music to the side of my blog that I am enjoying at a coffee shop, but because the Biblio is a library there is no music playing; just the sound of a cappuccino being made, students working, and some laughs here and there. I have always wondered how we all ended up here; people from all over the world coming to a small liberal arts college in Carlisle, PA. What I think is even more weird is that many of these people are a big part of my life and I don’t even know it. I am pretty social, but in no way friends with everyone at this school. If everyone I knew either very well or somewhat well were the only people attending Dickinson, I doubt my experience would be the same. We all ended up here for a particular reason, but a big part of it was for each other. Does that make sense?  Maybe I will make more of an effort over these next few months before I graduate to become more of a presence in some peoples lives.

Today my swim team had lunch with a perspective student. Usually we ask, “do you have any questions?” and the high school swimmer will respond “no.” (Although we all know they do). This girl was different though, she immediately asked, “Why did you choose to come to Dickinson?” Wow! What a loaded question. And that is something I am sitting here asking myself about all the students around me, students that I see everyday (for the most part…quite the small campus). My first ignorant thought is that they started here, most of these people did not exist before coming to Dickinson, and now that I have seen them they have begun life. No, Carson. Did they want to come here their whole life? Was this their safety school? Was it the coffee that made them love their tour here?…certainly wasn’t for me; but this latte is not bad. I enjoyed Dickinson on my first trip and kept in contact with the coach over time, but it wasn’t until I went back on the website one last time to look something up that I saw the “cool spiral staircase” (quoting myself) in the HUB… and that was it. I loved it. I always knew it was silly, but writing it out is always worse. Regardless, I thank that stair case because I love it here. But I wonder what it was for everyone else and what their story is.

This latte is getting cold so I should really give it my attention; I think that is only fair.  Thanks for stopping by! Happy hump day!

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