Lets Have An Arm Party!

Some people call it arm candy, but I prefer to call it an arm party, as my favorite fashion blog Manrepeller calls it. When I think of arm candy that immediately brings me to those plastic own-made beaded bracelets that seem to be a fad at electric music festivals such as EDC, Swedish House Mafia and so on. An arm party has more of an elegant yet fun and cool name to it. Your arm is having a party with jewelry and each bracelet is a different guest. Usually the jewelry should blend well together so the party doesn’t get awkward and there are no party poopers, because no one likes a party pooper. So really only try to invite guests onto your arm that actually look good together. But then again, I can honestly say that any random piece of jewelry that goes on your arm can look good together.

~Mix real and fake gold together so make a great party~

~Mix real and fake gold together so make a great party~

I’m thinking back to when I was a camper at my sleep away camp in Maine. I entered camp as a scared, shy 9 year old with a naked wrist and came back home after 7 weeks as an outgoing little girl with a full arm filled with silly-bands (throwback) and as many string bracelets as I could fit onto my stubby 9-year-old arms. This was only the beginning to my newfound love for bracelets and accessorizing. Thank you camp for helping me discover how fun an arm party can be. It doesn’t have to be fancy jewelz or even expensive, but if you work it, it works!

~The one and only camp trend circa summer 2013 (loom bracelets)~

~The one and only camp trend circa Summer 2013 (loom bracelets)~

Summer is a time to bring out those brightly colored jewelz and put them all together on your tanned arm. Maybe the theme of the arm party is neon or anything bright. When fall and winter roll around though I prefer to call the theme of the arm party metals. Gold, silver, and bronze do the trick as the weather begins to change from warm summer air to brisk cold air. The leaves begin to fall and it’s suddenly time to put away the neon colors and bring out the hard metals.

Something about metal on the wrist makes me feel so clean and the look is crisp. This might be my OCD coming out but the uniformity of having one shade of color is trendy and will never go out of style. Sure little pops of color in the metal can’t hurt anyone though. But I mean c’mon, gold has been in style since the beginning of time, so I can firmly say, gold and metals aren’t going anywhere.

~Continue the festivities by adding some gold rings to the mix!~

~Continue the festivities by adding some gold rings to the mix too!~

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