Humans Of Carlisle 2013-11-11 00:11:10

You may be wondering how people will be chosen to be featured on this blog. Well the answer is quite simple: randomly. I will take strolls around Carlisle with my camera, always on the lookout for my next subject. Maybe they are wearing a bold outfit, have a warm smile or look like they have an interesting story to tell. I hope there will be a balance between Dickinsonians and Carlislians. This is all a grand experiment and I don’t know how it will ultimately turnout. I don’t know how the reception from the community will be. Will I stand out interviewing people? Yes. Will I look odd always wearing a camera around my neck? Probably. But quite frankly, I don’t care too much how I look. I will welcome the looks and the stares. I know people may not quite understand what I’m doing at first, but I hope this takes off and comes to a point where the community knows about it. I’m scared it may never get there, but I’m hopeful. As always, thanks for reading and sharing along in my journey.

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