Cup of Thoughts for a Penny

Cup from abroad; Italian Cappuccino

Cup from abroad; Italian Cappuccino

To fit today’s theme of past thoughts, traveling, and characteristics I thought I would post a picture of coffee from the past. This is a picture of me  (stunning, I know) drinking one of the best Cappuccinos I have ever had in Bologna, Italy. Although it was small, it was full of flavor and topped with light and creamy foam with a bit of cinnamon. Of course now I wish I had about three more (that might equal a tall Starbuck’s drink. I think I am addicted).


When I was little (pictured above…)my dad used to always say, “Penny for your thoughts, Carson” and I would share what was on my mind. He would ask me this at any given time, not just when something seemed to be bothering me. Now, if the phrase were true I would currently be rich , but that’s ok that I am not because the phrase has stuck with me. I ask my friends and my boyfriend the same question here and there, but I usually receive confused looks or a nervous laughter. So today I will simply give readers a “penny for my thoughts”. Here it goes!

Ah, yes…now I am home with access to a computer although it is not my own. I have to say, it is nice to have access but I am trying to limit my use after my last post.

But like I said, I am home. I have been dying to come home for the past few weeks at school and now I have to be home early due to a small accident I was in. And guess what? When I heard I had to stay home I was upset and pissed off frankly that I couldn’t be back at school. I have seen a trend recently with myself and with my friends…we always want what we can’t have. Now, many people have heard this before but I am talking about “being” in places. While at home we can’t wait for school and while abroad we can’t wait for home. We are constantly moving, whether is is near or far, but are we really taking in the area and place around us? Are we living there and making the most of our time?

I loved studying abroad and would do anything to go back with the knowledge that I have now (the knowledge I now have…after going). I tell my friends who are contemplating going that they must go and to those who are on their way to remember that before they know it they will be home and back to their regular lives. Most importantly, they will be back at their homes and schools wishing they hadn’t spent wasted time missing home. Although it is normal to get homesick, I would suggest fighting that feeling and remembering that we always want to be where we aren’t. As I said, I loved my time in England but there were many times I wished I was home and “comfortable”.  Throughout life we will be seeing places, living in different countries, meeting new people, etc. It is hard to forget where we are most comfortable, and sometimes hard to not want to be where we are not, but I think that we (or maybe just I?) need to learn to be happy where we are.

I think a large portion of this ties back to my last post about technology. Always being connected makes us feel like we are missing something where other people are. While at home I talked to my friends at school and immediately wished I was there, whereas if i were at school I bet I would be saying, “man, I wish I were home right now.” Maybe this does not relate to anyone else, and perhaps it is something I am owning up to…but I am going to take a step and start living in the moment (as my mom would say).

Maybe this could be my new year’s resolution, or a part of a bigger resolution. It is funny to think that we start thinking of new resolutions as the year comes to a close, when the resolutions we made in January are supposed to continue for another month and a half. I wonder how many people have continued their resolution for the eleven months so far out of the year, and how many stopped by February. I will  not share with you how far mine went! This year I think I will try and stick to one…I just need to think of what it consists of exactly. After writing this post, I would like to incorporate learning to be content with where I am at that time and moment and not rushing to the next thing. My Dad has always said I am like my Mom, and energizer bunny and “go-go-go”. I think this is something that can be both an asset and issue, but to make the most of this attribute I must “go-go-and be” (at least for a little).

Some photos from abroad…a girl on the go( go-go)


A trip I took to Ireland by myself when my friends forgot to buy their tickets, but I had already bought mine…


Paris, France (In case you couldn’t tell)


A walk through Suffolk, England


Classic tourist picture


Barcelona, Spain



314236_3953314434708_1206291682_nCromer, England

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