Streaming with Style

When I’m bored I go straight to my Instagram and begin streaming through pictures that my friends and family have uploaded. It’s the normal routine of scrolling through my feed and getting to where I last left off. Not satisfied? Try searching for your favorite restaurant on Instagram, and trust me, your mouth will be watering by the end.

I tend to do this because for one, I’m a huge fan of food, and yes, I am that person who takes pictures of their food and posts it onto Instagram. I’m shameless. Apparently it’s a Jewish thing to do, which I can totally see, but I really can’t help capturing that perfect plate of goodness sitting right in front of me.

This brings me to streaming brunch. Out of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, breakfast is by far my favorite meal. But to keep up with what’s hip and trendy in today’s world, brunching is the way to go. There’s nothing better than waking up late on a Sunday morning and hitting up your favorite little café or restaurant to eat at with good company. The thing about brunch is that you can order a hardy meal because it’s breakfast and lunch combined, or even make your own hardy meal from the comfort of your own home. My favorite plate for brunch would have to be French toast or pancakes. I really can’t help myself with these carbs; it’s the kid inside of me coming out. The warmness of the meal fills my stomach, leaving me in my happy place.

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Brunch isn’t just a free for all though. You have to dress the part. When brunching, I frown upon those who step out of their house to go to a fabulous restaurant dressed in rags. When going out with company, try being comfortable but not sloppy. Sweatpants are a definite no in this category. The only exception to sweatpants is if you’re in the own comfort of your home cooking up some eggs. So try scrambling through your wardrobe for your favorite pair of jeans with a simple and cute sweater, and spice things up and have an Arm Party when brunching out.

Nothing says brunch without the style involved in it all. Maybe even add a pair of sunglasses into this mix, because hey, you probably just woke up from a long night and makeup just might not be your priority.

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