Digital Writing: Not All Blogs Are Excellent


Not all blogs are excellent. Digital writing is difficult, just as any kind of writing, but that is no reason to be discouraged from starting your own blog. Many writers have taken to writing on the web with the advent of easy to use blogging software. Brian Carroll notes that “[t]he democratization of the tools of publishing by the Web has been nothing less than revolutionary” in his book Writing for Digital Media. He couldn’t be more right. Online writing remains a dynamic and continuously changing form of expression. Many people want to be a part of the network of online communities and to create excellent blogs. But how?

“Because digital writing provides no road map. At least not yet. Where it goes, what it does, how it lives when we’re not watching is something we cannot foretell.” -Sean Morris (

The most important aspect of a blog is the content. It must be concise, multi-modal, and engaging. Whether your blog subject is how to farm or dogs that have tiny legs, make sure your content capitalizes on your digital platform. In addition, the blog should be updated frequently in order to be successful. ( is a good example of an excellent blog that is updated frequently.)

Blogs and online writing are, by nature, communal actions. By writing online we are engaging in a community. Consider Pete Rorabaugh’s assertion that digital writing helps “rebuild “audience,” expose the organic layers of a composition, and invite outside participation in key stages along the way” ( It is clear that the separation between audience and writer have been blurred by digital writing. An excellent blog explores these opportunities for connection.

Blogs must be aesthetically pleasing. They are a visual experience and excellent blogs are both visually stunning and easy to navigate. Lance Hosey’s article, “Why We Love Beautiful Things,” explores the connection of design and pleasure. She notes that “we are drawn to good design” and we are still trying to figure out why ( One example of a visually pleasing blog is The design is visually appealing and functional.

Digital writing and maintaining a blog take a lot of effort, but it can be a very fulfilling process. The online community, the challenge of recognizing the most effective design, the development of engaging content. Blogging offer us a lot; it is a vast world at the tip of your fingers.

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James is an undergraduate English major at Dickinson College located in Carlisle, PA. In his free time he collages, sings in vocal ensembles (Infernos a cappella and Collegium), and writes poetry. His perfect night would involve all three of those activities and a thanksgiving dinner where everything looks like food but is in fact candy.
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