Instructions for Groupwork

Group Work Tuesday 9/16/14

In groups, take some time to look at a set of blogs I have pulled together. Read through the last 3-4 posts, check out the “about” page if there is one, and notice the form of the blog. Then work through, together in groups, the 5 Analytical Moves.

1) Suspend judgment (try to refrain from saying how much you love or hate the blog)

2) Instead, notice : What are the significant parts of the blog?
i. In terms of form?
ii. In terms of content?

3) Across these blogs, what do you see as repetitions? Contrasts? Anomalies?

4) Draw some conclusions (or make some inferences):
i. What kinds of audiences are these blogs seeking?
ii. How do they encourage readers to stay on the page?
iii. How do they engage the reader?

5) Apply this knowledge to your ideas about your blog.
i. Talk with your group about how these blogs are useful (or not!) for your research
ii. Link your initial reaction to the blogs (which I asked you to ignore in move #1) to what you saw when you analyzed the blog.

Pick a blog of your choice from either:

Then take a look at these blogs:

Group #1

Group #2

Group #3

Group #4

Group #5

Group #6

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