Art for the Artless

Art for the Artless will be a blog that approaches art from several angles: art on Dickinson’s campus and in the surrounding community, local artist interviews, famous artist features, and personal artwork. The blog will build a diverse collage of posts and features and meld it into a cohesive whole. The blog will build off of other art blogs and join the conversation that is already underway.

The art will be central. Visuals will be interesting and eye-catching. The blog TRYHARDER, exemplifies the expert use of images in an art blog. It is eye-catching and interesting. My blog will feature more text, but it will maintain strong visual components.

One particularly exciting feature of my blog will be interviews with local/student artists. My blog will contain typed-up interviews that explore the artist’s philosophy, inspirations, and personality. The blog art21 contains examples of in depth artist interviews, such as this interview of Mary Jane Jacob. The interview covers a lot of ground. I am interested on developing my own interviewing style that will be of particular relevance and interest to young, budding artists.

In addition to artist interviews, my blog will feature reviews of any art shows on campus/in the community. I will explore various kinds of art and artists in these reviews. The blog ARTLOG features reviews and blurbs of shows around the world. My blog will feature similar features, possibly highlighting the interesting or engaging aspects of the shows with plenty of visuals documenting the event. I will also notify my blog community of when/where these events are taking place.

My blog will not only feature “official” art, it will feature more casual art that strikes my attention as I go about my life in Carlisle. The blog Doodlers Anonymous features some more casual art, such as these amazingly awesome coffee cups.

I hope to incorporate all kinds of art in my blog. My blog will reach out and pull together many aspects of both the local and the global communities and do so in an engaging and visually pleasing way.


About James George

James is an undergraduate English major at Dickinson College located in Carlisle, PA. In his free time he collages, sings in vocal ensembles (Infernos a cappella and Collegium), and writes poetry. His perfect night would involve all three of those activities and a thanksgiving dinner where everything looks like food but is in fact candy.
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