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A common phrase in my Italian/Polish family is “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” With this in mind, I have always enjoyed cooking because it’s basically art that you can consume. The marriage of flavors and textures can result in some plates that are cause one to reconsider their lives up until this point. Though my blog will not be focusing on dishes as elegant as those just described, I will attempt to create filling and delicious meals using a low college budget.

Growing up, I was always interested in cooking and constantly found myself poking around the kitchen. Unfortunately, I was often occupied with sports or other activities to be able to construct recipes of my own. Regardless, my interest in the culinary arts manifested itself into cooking at least a meal a week for my family and frequent watching of the Food Network channel. On top of this, I have told my family multiple times that I would love to open a restaurant or two when I get older. Though I am not sure if I will ever call a restaurant my own, it’s always good to dream.

In college, I have enjoyed the spoils of a meal plan but as my time in undergrad boils down I am faced with the inevitability of the “real world”, where cooking for oneself will become common rather than the anomaly. Because of this, I have been preparing myself by reading up on several budget cooking blogs such as Budget Bytes or College cooking. I truly enjoy the structure of these blogs but believe that there is a large audience niche that these blogs do not cover: the in-college or recently graduated young man.

One of the main goals of my blog is to not only keep the budget low but also attempt to do the same with the calorie amount of my dishes. Cooking is already a burden for most people but making sure that the dishes are somewhat healthy is a whole other beast. My blog will do its best to maintain cheap, simple recipes that don’t extend the waistline.

As a final PSA, I would like to let it be known that I am no chef but rather a young man with a passion for food. This blog is for the common cook, written by a common cook. Without further adieu, I extend my welcome to The Broke’n Kitch’n.

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