A Trip to the Middle of the Mountains

Starting the Journey.


I wake up early in the morning. It is Sunday, the perfect day to rest and enjoy Mendoza’s landscape. Today we are heading towards Valle del Sol, in Potrerillos. The night is slowly moving away giving place to the rising Sun that wants to become the owner of the sky, as it does almost every day in Mendoza, the province of the “Sun and great wines.” I prepare everything for a picnic day and start my journey.


I am driving through the highway, Acceso Sur. Not many cars fill the road. The red Sun finally leaves the night behind as its soft rays glow timidly all over the landscape around me. Outside of my car, the air is clean and crisp at this time of the day, though I know that in a few hours the weather will be much warmer.


I look up towards the West and I find them there, majestic, within the reach of a hand. They change colors as the Sun illuminates them, they seem to adopt different shapes, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. They stand there silent, impressive, immovable, watching every corner of Mendoza. They, the mountains, seem to speak to the beholder without saying a word.


I turn my head to the left and I see my girlfriend smiling at me. She is my companion in these Sunday trips. While I drive she brews mate, a typical beverage from Argentina. She has cooked a cake the previous night and we eat it as we drive. It is delicious.




After half an hour of driving through the mountains, we get to Potrerillos dam. The view at this point is wonderful: the Sun shines over the blue water, the mountains surround this nest of nature. Some sports fans are windsurfing, others sailing their boats, some fishermen are fly-fishing.

Valle del Sol


We continue driving and we finally get to Valle del Sol. The unpaved streets and the trees embracing the path make me feel relaxed and happy. There are cozy, little houses next to the road. Families are already turning the fire on to cook the typical Asado on Sundays. We drive up hill and finally get to the camp where we are going to spend the rest of the day. A creek runs all around the place. Many people are camping and cooking their lunch. Some boys play soccer between the trees, a group of friends play the guitar and sing beautiful songs. It cheers me up when I see so many families sharing and spending a whole day together.

Coming Back

Around 6 we are ready to go back home. Before returning, we visit the church located on the top of the hills and hear mass. Father Coltro, the priest in charge of Chapel, is a good friend of mine. I play the guitar and sing during mass and I thank God for the amazing day he has granted us. When mass is over, we head off to home.


The sunset paints the landscape with red and yellow colors. The visit to Valle del Sol has been an amazing experience. The beginning of the week on Monday will not be the same after having filled my soul with so much beauty and peace.

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