Sweaters Under $50


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Top Row from L to R: $30 Blackfive.com, $44 Chicwish.com, $26 Chicnova.com

Middle Row from L to R: $15 Chicnova.com, $30 Blackfive.com, $35 Blackfive.com

Bottom Row from L to R: $21 HM.com, $20 Veromoda.com, $24 HM.com

I’m a winter type of girl.  Snow, hot chocolate and good books are what my favorite winter days are made of (plus my fluffy cat, Murphy, destroying all the ornaments on our Christmas tree).  There is nothing more satisfying for me than feeling warm in a soft chunky sweater while looking out on the cold, windy street.

Whether you know the term sweater weather from a generic pinterest-y picture of fuzzy sweaters or that catchy song by The Neighbourhood, it is one of my favorite times of the year and it is very much a real thing.  Using my polyvore account,  I gathered some of the coziest, comfiest sweaters together. These are perfect for layering, lounging or just going to class.  The best part about sweater weather is the fact that sweaters are flattering on all body types.  I have always stuck to the fashion advice I received a while back that you should never where tight pants and a tight top, always go with one or the other for balance.

As a college student, I definitely understand the importance of being on a budget.  (I still think $20 is a lot of money).  I’ve gotten a lot better at controlling my terrible online shopping habit. Every time a new season rolls around I’m always tempted to pick up the latest trends.  I have my fair share of sweaters, in fact, I have a hanging shelf in my closet that is dedicated to sweaters.  Fall and Winter are not times to skimp out on the warm clothing because you’re afraid you might not look ‘chic.’  Sweaters are versatile.  By adding a couple simple accessories, you can change the whole style and feel of your outfit.

I’m curious, what is your favorite sweater style?

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