Style Steal: Vogue’s Most Wanted 8 Perfect Party Dresses

Let’s be real here, I don’t know any college student (or person on a budget) that has the cash to pay over $1,500 for a simple red floral dress.  The one thing I have never understood about the fashion industry is the marketing aspect.  How on earth do advertisers make it seem justifiable to drop what might equal a month’s worth of rent on one item of clothing. To be fair, if I had the cash, I would probably feel more inclined to spend it on clothing.  But sadly I am one out of many, many college students that can only afford to shop smart.  While I was paying a visit to, I stumbled across an article on the ‘Perfect Party Dress’ by new and rising designers.  While I found all of the dresses to be unique and beautiful, I couldn’t get past the price.  So, I ventured into the online shopping universe and found alternative options or “steals”.  One is between $50 and $100 and the other is under $50.

The Brock Date Dress $1,590

Brock Date Dress $1,590
Gianni Oversized Dress in Floral Print: $94.75
Madame Rage Red Floral Print Skater Dress $35

Galvan two-piece fringe jersey dress, $1,254 

Galvan two-piece fringe jersey dress, $1,254
Jane Norman Lace Detail Maxi Dress $86
Charming Long Sleeve Round Neck Maxi Dress with Slit $23

Yellow Silk Faille Hem Gown $4,510

Yellow Silk Faille Hem Gown by Katie Ermilio $4,510
Attractive Yellow High Low Hem Design Maxi Dress $51
ASOS Sleeveless Swing Dress with Dipped Hem and V Back $37

I know some of these aren’t exact duplicates but they are in the same color family and mimic the general shape of each dress.  I do like how Vogue included many different colors, shapes and styles to fit everyone’s preferences.

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