the one where it all comes together


My closest friends and I. We are commonly referred to as “the crew” or “squad”.

This is it. The end of the semester. Things are starting to wind down, but also get a little hectic, as tomorrow marks the official start of finals here at Dickinson College. Seeing as this is probably my last blog post of the semester, I wanted to use this space as a place to reflect on the people I’ve met and the things I have learned.

This semester, I have:

  • received my first stitches as the result of pumpkin carving accident
  • recorded a video for the ICCAs with the Dickinson College Dtones
  • got accepted to said ICCAs
  • sang a solo for said video
  • declared an Italian Studies major
  • moved into a new house
  • discovered who means the most to me
  • gotten over (to an extent) my stage fright
  • taken my first dance class
  • rediscovered a love for my twin-bed
  • become friends with people that I never would have befriended in my wildest dreams, and
  • started this blog

I think a lot of the time, college students are so wrapped up in the stress of homework, papers, finals, and the pressure to party that we sometimes forget the little, simple moments — like sitting in the cafeteria with your friends or simply walking around outside on a crisp, sunny day.

I wanted to make a video that encompassed all of the simpler moments I’ve had throughout the semester. Some of these clips are from the past year or so, but the majority of them are from the past four months.

I chose the cover photo I did because, in my family, the cardinal represents a loved one lost. Whenever we see one, it means that that loved one is checking up on us, that they’re always around. This isn’t goodbye.

It’s more like a see you later.

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