My Uncle is Spot On

Here is my podcast on why troops are needed in the Middle East. Enjoy!

I wanted to get a podcast on my blog to show you guys the type of passion I have for this issue.  I will be honest with you.  You will hear some facts about our airstrikes on ISIS and how it is affecting our government.  I also react to what my uncle had to say in my last post.

Uncle Sam

I am scared for the future because horrible develops are being reported every single day and they are continuing to get even worse.  I really want to challenge all of you to really consider how much you are politically participating and think about how you have helped make the United States a better place.  This is our country and we can make the best of our opportunities and we cannot let ISIS or our laid back government take that away from us.  We all have a voice and I am personally challenging any one of you to go out and make a difference in your community.  Talk about issues, raise awareness, etc.

P.S. Sorry for the Obama comment.  I could not help myself.

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