Lone Wolf Attacks

As we have all heard in the news as of late, the Islamic State has taken responsibility for a shooting near Dallas, Texas at a cartoon festival, which left both shooters dead.  The attack appears to be a home grown terror attack as the shooters obtained assault rifles and body armor.  This event is horrible and all, but how does this happen? Why do these terrorists keep walking unseen on our streets?

In fact, one of the shooters had a criminal history involving a terrorism-related investigation.  Also, the shooters both showed interest of the carnival on social media, which should usually raise a red flag to our government officials.

Cartoon shootingVia WesternSlope Now

These type of attacks are not even the tip of the iceberg.  ISIS claims to have 71 trained militants located throughout the United States.  If our government officials do not find a way to improve their surveillance, there will be another catastrophe in this country.  The FBI and other officials claim it is hard to keep up with all the activity of suspected “lone wolves”, but that cannot be the excuse anymore.  ISIS is here and they will act soon enough.

Where do these “lone wolves” come from?  They are recruited by ISIS and some of them actually travel to Syria and Iraq to be trained and are then sent back in order to carry out acts of terror.  These recruits are not confronted by ISIS in person, but ISIS communicates with them via social media.  I think we all know the capabilities of the ISIS social media programs by now, but ISIS is displaying a new wave of international terrorism in terms of spreading their influence.

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