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After having studied in high school and university and after having experienced several experiences, I have learned that if you want to reach your goals, you need to follow steps. According to the Oxford Learners Dictionary a step is one of a series of things that you do in order to achieve something. Series of things, stages, steps. Every important achievement requires a gradual and constant process. Learning to walk, learning to talk, learning to write. We learn by trial and error, we learn practising, we learn following steps. That is the reason why I believe that creating a good blog requires to follow crucial steps. We should read several documents, develop our style, be aware of the audience and create a connection with the reader. 

First, we need to read not only several blogs, but also different material such as novels, essays, articles and some theory that help us to write clearly. I think that reading these pieces helps us to discover tips for writing well and for developing our style. This second step is also related to practice. A good way of developing something is to try as many times as possible. Just write, read out loud, modify, add and remove. Include quotes, videos, images, songs and attractive material. In doing so, you are shaping your style of writing. You are designing your style, the one that makes you feel comfortable while writing. While we keep reading and shaping our style, we should be aware of the people who read our thoughts.  According to Sean Michael Morris, “words are active”. We can not control the way in which our message will be modified or shared. But, we can be careful with word choice, quotes and every content that has our name at the bottom. I think that a blog written by ourselves reflects many aspects of our personality and we should pay attention to choices and details. Finally, we should be able to create an atmosphere that makes us feel comfortable as writers and provokes something similar to the reader. Many people have access to our words, but if we want to create and keep a good blog, we have to keep them interested in our message. So we continue reading, developing our style, being careful with our words and sharing our views in an appealing way. When our words run smoothly, we feel satisfied, and our readers enjoy our blog. Brian Carroll explains why community-building is an “essential element of successful blogging.” As bloggers, he express that we should “actively think of ways to engage readers, to begin and continue conversations, and to create and sustain loyal audiences.” We should be always involved and ready to interact with our readers; proving them reliable sources, answers and comments. 

Read, create, be careful and catchy. Following these steps of reading, being creative, careful and catchy will lead us to build a worthwhile piece of writing.



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