What Makes A Blog So Popular?

The internet is a place that everyone is familiar with. You can learn, read, post, and share. One of the most popular things on the internet is blogging.

Why is blogging so popular? The answer simply lies in the blogs out there. Take Humans of New York for instance. He takes pictures of people and finds the most incredible stories. Some stories may be funny and some serious but they all have one thing in common; they pull you in.



Another blog is Hyperbole and a Half. The way she takes all these different subjects and makes them funny, childish, and approachable draws you in deeper and deeper into her blog.



Why are these blogs so attractive? Why do they pull us in? What exactly makes a “good” blog? One of the most important things in a blog is to have a fantastic layout or design. This is the first thing the reader sees when they open the blog. If you see ads everywhere you look, more often than not, you will get distracted and leave the blog without completing the article.

In “Why We Love Beautiful Things” it says the “golden rectangle” has been used for many years because of its unique properties. It’s literally an infinite spiral of rectangles and squares. We are naturally drawn towards this shape. For exampl: the original ipod, paper, books, even bread is a rectangle. Then you take a closer look. The layout of a paragraph of text is another golden rectangle. We respond dramatically to this pattern that it can reduce stress levels by 60% at times. This happens with it just being in our field of vision.

It should come by no surprise that good design can have a dramatic effect. In my opinion, the author is 100% correct. Would you rather read a blog with no color, no pictures, no life, or a blog with all these interactive parts? Most would say they would rather read one that has all of these interactive parts. If you didn’t, you are atypical.

I believe that blogs have a huge part in how people get infomation and entertainment today. There are so many topics covered that there is something for everyone. If you want to create your own blog, my only sugestion is to use the golden rectangle in your design. Use this to grab the attention of every reader just by one glance at your design.


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