What I want of my blog, and what I want for my blog are not precisely the same. However, both will come about from the blog’s content and aim. I want to write a blog about something very near and dear to me, the being multi-racial. To be just a bit more specific, my blog will be largely focused on the topic, biracial.

So there are a few ways in which I could steer the direction of this blog then. First, let me say that the idea direction of my blog is not entirely my own. During my junior and senior years at Taylor Allderdice High School, Pittsburgh, PA, my friend Avi and I wanted a hashtag on twitter that would encompass any and all challenges or difficulties that came with a biracial background. Avi is half white, half black; I am half white, half Chinese. So although our backgrounds do not line up exactly, they point was the mix itself. So we made the hashtag, “#mixedkidproblems”.

Compelling as that story may or may not be, it is only the seed from which my idea has gone. It may also become the permanent title for my blog. But, rather than an entire blog complaining and whining about standing out, what I would like to do is make a space in which I can share my story and the stories of others who have been asked: “so where do you actually come from?” “how do you get your hair like that?” “are you actually [ethnicity]?”.

I’ll be mixing the writing with music from some famous “mixed” artists I like. I’ll also have some videos or photography related to being mixed.

I am not the first person to grab hold of this important topic. Here are a couple  blogs I’ve found where the author takes their own spin of the idea of ‘being mixed’.

Multiracial Asian Families: http://multiasianfamilies.blogspot.com/

Mixed Race Families: http://mixedracefamilies.blogspot.com/


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