Welcome to My Grandparent Stories


HERE I GO! People (my parents) have been telling me that I should create a blog in order to share my thoughts and opinions. Initially, I was flattered, but after deeper consideration I believe they simply used the blog idea to get me to shut-up for a few minutes and write. Well mom and dad, I am in a blogging class now so I guess I have to oblige. Here it is.

My original thought was to write a blog about my parents, but after further deliberation I realized my father knows how to use a computer and I quite like not having to pay for my college education. Oh well. So who in the 21st century still has no clue how to navigate a computer? EUREKA, my grandparents.

When I called my grandmother with the idea about writing a blog about her she initially thought a blog wimage1as a type of vegetable. Perfect. After further explanation, however, she agreed.

I plan for this blog to be a comical recollection of the absurd conversations and stories I have with my grandmother and my grandfather. My grandma Ida (my mom’s mom) is a European  holocaust survivor and widow that loves nothing more than spending time with her family.20130626_135936

She is a wonderful women and a fantastic grandmother. There are just two issues. She can be tough to get off the phone and she is a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. For this blog, I will document our conversations on the phone and share our humorous stories.

My grandpa Bernie (my dad’s dad) is also a widower, but more recently, he is an 88 year old womanizer who tells me about his new girlfriends every time we talk. He works at a flea market, goes dancing throughout the week, and volunteers at a senior home. Yes, he really is 88.

I am looking forward to sharing my wonderful and groovy grandparents with the world through the use of this blog. My hope is that readers can relate and enjoy my grandparents as much as I do. So without further adieu, cheers to the beginning of this “vegetable blog.”

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