December 2013: OK, this is great, this is huge, this is my dream written in a piece of paper.


But, what about now? What about tomorrow? The next months? Next year? What about my life from now on?

I have always been excessively structured. I have always thought that we should follow paths, we just have to follow what it is established. Kindergarten, primary school, high school, university. And then? What a question. Where is the next step? Where is the following institution?

Just you, your life, your decisions, you making your own path.

What if I try to take a deep breath and just be relaxed? My biggest goal is accomplished. I am an English <> Spanish translator. Am I? Well, that is what the degree says, but… Is the degree enough?

I should be relaxed.

I am not.

Maybe I need more than a piece of paper that says that I am an English<>Spanish translator. What if I try not only to learn English, but also to be immersed in the language, the culture, the place? Learning a language vs. acquiring a language. I have studied this, now I want to experience this.

Sounds good.

But how? When? Where? I made a quick search on the Internet but nothing seemed interesting enough.

Maybe I just have to start working, earn my money, be financially independent.

However, I would like to study abroad. It would be fun, challenging, huge.

One of my best friends told me that there was an informal meeting in our university about some scholarships. We went there, I did not pay much attention, the girl who explained everything was not engaging.

I should continue studying. I mean, I am a translator but I also love teaching. I can work and study. Next year will be busy, but challenging.

March 2014: I am working and studying my second course of studies. Tired, moody, anxious. I am not sure if I want this for me. Did I choose right? Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?

There is another meeting, similar to the one that I went last year. I’ll go.

Yes, it was much better. There is such a long list of requisites to apply for this University on the United States. It is called Dickinson College, and it is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Yes, this is what I want. I have a really awesome opportunity. This would be great! I think that if we translate or teach a second language we should study abroad to improve our language skills. Yes, I definitely will apply for Dickinson College.

I spent a month and a half looking for certificates, documents, or any piece of paper that stated everything that I have done so far. Contests, good degrees, sports, languages, social engagement, my transcript, recommendation letters, language proficiency certificates, documents, more documents, passport, and so many others papers that I have already forgotten.

I applied and I started to feel excited about the idea of going to the States for a semester. This would be so good for my CV. After a couple of interviews and steps, I got the scholarship and the opportunity of working there as a Spanish Teaching Assistant. I am going to the States next semester. Wow! Now that I have accomplished another goal, it feels good. But bigger,


and scary.

I should be relaxed.

I am not.

I am not a hundred percent sure about this. What if I do not get well with the culture? What if I am not able to communicate? What if I miss my friends, my family, my guy? What if something goes wrong?11836887_10206131378418312_1296135275636690590_n

I have read so many articles about the “comfort zone”, I have watched so many videos about “go and follow your dreams”. I have to do this, I have to go for a while, I have to learn, I have to grow. I have to pack my things, I am leaving in a week and I have not thought about the clothes!

August 2015: After a surprise going away party, here I am, at the airport, saying goodbye to my family and my friends. I thought it would be easier, but there were some hugs that made me ask to myself if I was doing the right thing. Anyway, everything will be alright. This experience will give just good moments and valuable things to learn. I turned around and I did not see my family anymore. It was just me and my baggage.

And my anxieties,

my fears,

my expectations….


Dickinson College: I am coming!

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