My name is Ashley, and I run for Dickinson Cross Country. This past weekend was a very special weekend for Dickinson Cross Country, for we traveled to Geneseo, New York to run at the Mike Woods Invitational. For me personally, this meet was especially meaningful, because it was the first time I was able to travel overnight with the team.

We decided to travel part of the way up to Geneseo, and stay at a small hotel in Hornell, New York. (No… we did not stay in Cornell) It was quite humorous because we practically occupied the entire hotel! I don’t think that they have had that many guests in a long time.

Finally, the next morning, my team got up early, and boarded the bus for the final leg of our trip to Geneseo, New York. When we got to the meet, we were quite skeptical because it was freezing cold and raining. We all knew it was going to be a long and chilly day! Despite the cold and rain, we were really excited because we got to race teams outside of our region, which is something that we don’t get to do often mid season. Too add to the excitement, there were nearly 500 runners on the starting line. It made the first couple hundred meters pretty hectic! Luckily, Geneseo’s course is pretty flat. It made it a lot easier to really pick up the pace and pass people. I am so proud of my team, because we all ran our hardest and supported each other the whole way through. 

Some of the Juniors at SUNY GENESEO!
Juniors at SUNY GENESEO!
Dickinson Womens Cross Country at the Little Three Championships! We took home the
Dickinson Women’s Cross Country at the Little Three Championships! We took home the “Cannon” for the 22nd year in a row!

Overall, the meets we attended have been successful. One of our most notable meets was the Little Three Championships against Gettysburg and Franklin & Marshall. The Little Three Meet has always been an important meet to Dickinson Cross Country. This year was very exciting because the women’s won! It now marks the 22nd year that we have won the meet! It is pretty crazy to think how fast this season has gone by! Conference Championships is in less than a month! I am excited to work hard with my team to be even stronger for the next meet.

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