Would the Real Snackster Please Stand Up?


So there’s been a lot of buzz across various blogs about who exactly writes this blog and why the hell is this blog so cool. Just kidding. I’m  really just small potatoes in the grand scheme of sarcastic internet blogging about the various things that guys like me seem to find humorous or interesting. But hey, at least my mom likes my blog.

However, in case you actually cared about who I am and why I’m writing this blog, here’s a little bit of background.

So, to start, my real name isn’t “Snackster”. It’s Baxter. Nick Baxter. I’m a student at Dickinson College who’s trying to figure out how the hell to explain to potential employers why the skills I learned studying “policy management” (no one knows what that the hell that is, including me) could be useful to their company.

Aside from partaking in various academic endeavors, there are other activities I throughly enjoy. I play lacrosse here at Dickinson. **Oh no, thought the reader, he plays lacrosse. Must be a conceited asshole.** Well no. Despite the douchiness associated with “lax bros”, I certainly wouldn’t categorize myself as either a lax bro or a douchebag. Rather, I’d definitely consider myself to be friendly, outgoing, and personable, despite whatever the general consensus on lacrosse players may be.

In addition to playing lacrosse, I’m an avid skier (water and snow), Boston sports fan, animal lover, and car enthusiast. Yea, I’d say I’m kind of the male version of “basic”, but whatever.

So, why the heck am I writing this blog? Well, to answer this question, I’m going to have to employ the two answer method. 1) I’m writing this blog so I don’t fail this writing class. Pretty straightforward answer. But I could have written this blog about anything. Puppies, my family, photography, etc. However, I chose to write this blog about man-stuff. Which leads me to part two of my answer to my original question.

As I was trying to think of ideas for what to write for this blog, I decided to write about things that would want to read. Seems kinda selfish at first, but then I realized that I like what a lot of other guys my age like. Sports? Yes, every guy likes sports. Cool stuff? Sure. Humor? Who the hell doesn’t like humor????

So, to cut to the chase a bit here, the overall goal of this blog, “ForManByMan” is to write about the things that most guys my age (I’m 21 for the record) enjoy reading about. There are the Barstools of the world that cover almost anything. Then you have the Bleacher Reports that cover only sports. Then there’s the Supercompressors that talk about man-culture and cool stuff. Yet most guys read all three. So, I thought, why not create a blog that has all three? And voila!! My blog was born. Happy reading!

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