Who the Heck Is Behind This Masterpiece of a Blog?

No this blog isn’t written by a four-year old golden retriever named Ellie that has some how figured out how to type with big gigantic paws and no opposable thumbs. Can you imagine that though? Who knows. It could happen. The voice of this blog is me, Caroline Clancy. A senior at Dickinson College who is involved in more than just drowning in biology textbooks.

I play on the women’s lacrosse team, I am an active member in the Pre Health Society and a member of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma, queue the stereotypes! What most people don’t know about me, at least people other than my closest friends, is that I am raging nerd. Yet, I’d like to think I’m a cool nerd. I have the obvious strong interests in science, books, science fiction, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and art. But I am more than what you generally think of when you hear the word nerd. I am an athlete, a leader, a music fanatic of all types, a world traveler and have a passion for fashion.

More importantly I have, what I consider, an unhealthy obsession for my pets. Ever since I was little, I would lock our cats and dogs in my room and force them to play with me or strangle them when I picked them up. Hence, when I was able to call one of our pets my own, I was overjoyed. How typical I know but, I couldn’t wait for the chance to tackle such a large responsibility and see the outcome almost immediately.

I believe, Ellie is truly a one of a kind dog. I have been told by friends and strangers that she is unlike any pet they have ever met or seen. She has the sassiest attitude, the selfishness of an only child, the hunger of a mountain lion and the cuddling ability of a small child. Her uniqueness is something I have never seen or heard about in a golden retriever let alone a pet.

To be quite frank, the goal of this blog is to share the extraordinary experiences that my family and I have had with her through the years and the kind of impact she has had on our family. As if the internet doesn’t have enough adorable pictures of golden retrievers, I’m just adding to the growing stack but with a comical tale to go along side it. Enjoy!

Feel free to contact for me for any questions, comments or similar stories! [clancyc23@gmail.com]


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