Ellie Plays Fetch

For all of you dog owners out there, if you don’t know what a Chuck-It is then listen up.

The Chuck-It is a dog toy that will improve your dog’s fetch game 100 fold. Unless, your dog is a golden retriever named Ellie. Chuck-It Ultra

The concept of the Chuck-It is to throw this specially designed tennis ball 3 times as far with the Ball Launcher. It promises hands-free-pick-up to avoid slobbery tennis balls and a good workout for you dog without wearing yourself out.

I’ll ask you… how do you think this turned out???IMG_9930



Well, the first time we used the Chuck-It with Ellie was on her birthday.

Yes, there were several toys and treats.

Yes, there was a cake from a fancy pet store.

Yes, we took tons of photos.


I will say, the only thing from this pile of toys that still remains is that pink collar. The other items maybe lasted 12 hours at most.

We took her on her favorite trail because its her birthday and she’s a spoiled brat. At the end of the trail is an open cornfield where we knew would be a great place to test out this Chuck-It.

Ellie's First Chuck-ItI can safely say that I did about the same amount of running as she did just to get the ball back. I had to trick her multiple times just so I could pry the ball out of her jaws of death. She wasn’t giving it up even for a TREAT.

Shocking considering she’s a chow hound.

She was absolutely exhausted after about 8 times of launching the ball. It wasn’t hard to tell because she would go after the ball at full speed, walk back, lay down and hold the ball between her paws.

Heaven forbid, I try to get the ball. She would snatch it up so quick and take it to a new spot.

All in all, great product for getting your dog to exercise but there should be a disclaimer if your dog is not trained to give the ball back to you. If that is the case, you will also be getting a decent workout in.


Even today, nothing has changed. When we play Chuck-It the process is still the same although I now have two ball launchers. So when she is trotting back to me she drops the ball in her mouth in such excitement to see a second ball that is winding up getting ready to be launched. The method is flawless.

If your dog isn’t that well-trained to play fetch, I highly suggest you try this method and buy the Chuck-it.

She fooled me this time


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