Ellie has an Interview

The wait is over.

All of you ravid readers finally get to hear what Ellie has to say!

Ha. I wish. But in this mock interview is what Ellie would say if she had vocal cords and could speak English. Just to note, there will be some interjections from her temporary owner, Marianne Clancy,  seeing that I am away from home . This will be Ellie’s first interview so pardon her short responses and Google translations. The topic of discussion will be surrounding her latest scandal, eating (almost) an entire pie at Thanksgiving dinner.

Caroline: “So, Ms. Ellie may I just say what an honor this is to interview you for the first time ever! You must get asked so many questions but no one is every worthy enough of hearing a response.”

Ellie: thinking to herself “I should have never agreed to this. She definitely isn’t going to give me one of those bones from the Pennsylvania Dutch Market that I love so much” [aloud]: woof woof, snarl. translation: Yes it is an honor. Treat please.

Caroline: “Lets just dive right in then. What was your initial reaction when you discovered that Thanksgiving was going to be at your house?”

Ellie: [aloud]: licks her lips. translation: “More people means more food on the ground”


C: “I take it you like food then! What was your favorite dish?”

E: [aloud]: big sigh and paws me (the act of raising the paw and placing it on an object). translation: “Come on Caroline, you know I tried every dish. My favorite was definitely the cranberry frangipan.”

C: “Wow. I did not know you tried every dish! There were over 10 dishes. I must say you do live up to your reputation as a chow-hound. Considering you were the only one to try the cranberry frangipan, can you tell us about it?”

E: thinking to herself- I wonder if there is another one in the fridge… she is bound to try it. Then I will definitely get a bite[aloud]: silence. translation: “What are you talking about?

The look on her face


C: “Surely, you could never forget eating 3/4 of this cranberry tart! How did you feel after?”

E: [aloud]: paws me. translation:Obviously I felt great. I could’ve definitely eaten the second one.

C: “Well I hate to burst your bubble Ms. Ellie but we will not be going to JeannieBird Bakery just so you can have a two day sugar high. Now with the holidays coming up, do you think you’ll be able to pull this off again?!”

E: [aloud]: big sigh and she walks away. translation:You will just have to wait and see. I’m bored. Lets find the cats so I can terrorize them some more.

The Frangipan aka Ellie's dinner
The Frangipan aka Ellie’s dinner

Well, thats all folks.

You’ve now received an peak inside of Ellie’s mind!!



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