Americans [who lived in Italy] answer Americans Question about Italian Food

Ciao a Tutti! 😀

Have you ever wanted to talk with Italians and asked them questions about food? Well, for those of you who have I have the perfect solution. Since I’ve been in the States, I’ve been asked questions but, still, my answers were too abstract for those people. Then, I began writing on this blog and tried to be more concrete and, again, it wasn’t enough. I noticed that Americans were looking for someone who could understand them better. So, after a while, I came up with the perfect solution:

Americans [who lived in Italy] answer Americans Question about Italian Food.

By letting Americans answering the question, their compatriots who have never been to Italy could better empathize with what I wanted to explains.

Also, few months ago Buzzfeed International uploaded a new video on Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 1.17.18 PMYouTube and in less than 24 hours, my students, other Italian students and my friends in Italy posted this video on Facebook profile at the same time – I had at least 10 same videos. Before I could actually watch it, The Jackal – an Italian group of Youtube
comedians – answered to this video withScreen Shot 2015-12-16 at 1.19.25 PM another one. I was overwhelmed by so many posts. Anyway, I managed to delete all the extras on my FB profile and watched the original and
the video response. I laughed for hours. Both Buzzfeed and The Jackal were brilliant. The Jackal, of course, were funnier and more comical because that’s their motto, but still they do it wittily.

I want to do something like that: a mix of the two.

I told myself right after. But I didn’t have the idea yet. It took me one month to come up with the idea and another month to actually do it! I know, a little too slow/late but as I always say: “l’importante è farlo, non importa quando” (the important thing is to do it no matter when).

So, I chose to interview 4 people (3 students and 1 professor here at Dickinson College) and asked them question that other Americans wanted me to answer. Here’s the trailer of the video-interview:

While I was editing it, I realized that it would have been 30/40 minutes long, so making the trailer gives everybody a chance to see what it talks about and if you are still interested you can watch the whole interview which is really funny and educative. 😉

Now, if you enjoyed the trailer why not spending few more minutes watching the whole video, you will found out more about what Kate, Giancarlo, Jake, and Professor McMenamin have to say between these two very different cultures.

A Presto :*

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