Some MAGICAL Unwritten Events I Want TO Recap This Year

So, it’s been a few weeks and I haven’t updated in awhile. I’ve got a solid number of game events that have happened to me, but  I’ve wanted to wait for the right topic to talk about. That perfect story. Some things that didn’t make the cut of posts this year include:


♠ – The FOUR Magic: The Gathering “expedition lands” I’ve pulled this year. That includes an definition of the expeditions for those new to Magic, why they are worth so much, and how ridiculous it is that I pulled four. I traded away three to my friend Charlie, and he’s matched their MSRP value for useful cards that I can use to play the game. I kind of felt dirty posting this, since it would just be me bragging that I got very lucky finding four expeditions out of their packaging. However, I may be convinced to write this without gloating.


♣ – The TWO Magic: The Gathering booster drafts I’ve done this year. For one, this includes a beginner’s explanation of what a booster draft is. For another, it includes draft footage of my drafting of the “Origins” set of Magic. The footage looks quite amateurish and unfocused at times, so I’ve held off posting it. When I get time to edit it and condense it into my best five minutes, maybe I’ll post it.


♥ – The Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition I played THIS weekend. It was a campaign based on a setting in Magic called Innistrad, but also my first experience playing 5th Edition by the official player rules. The campaign’s called “Army of the Damned”, you can check it out here on it’s Reddit Page . Likewise, it was my first time using the site Roll20, which was a trip in itself.  I want to write a little about it each week as our party progresses.


Notice a theme? Yeah, I have a little bit of a Magic Addiction, but honestly, Magic is a fantastic game which can lend its story and characters into a variety of tabletop games, not just its mainstay  TWENTY-THREE year-running card game. Maybe talking about that is a post in itself?

So you see, I’m not gone, just busy with classes and not sure which of any of this to write about. Here’s to more gaming in summer of 2016!


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