The first, and most essential thing to a good blog in my opinion is aesthetics. What does the first page look like? Is it messy with adds, does it have a lot of blank space? Of course, the look of the blog depends on what the purpose of the blog itself. Is it a sports blog, therefore more adds? Is it a lifestyle blog and therefore it has a lot of pictures? How a blog looks when the reader is sent to the homepage can really have an affect on whether or not they will continue reading.


For example these two life style, beauty blogs:

This first blog is written by a health and lifestyle vlogger on YouTube named Naomi Smart. Though I love her youtube channel, her blog lacks in comparison. It’s bleak, there is a lot of white space, and the pictures could use some photo-shop to make them more aesthetically pleasing.


The second blog:

Also belongs to another YouTuber named Zoe Sugg. Her blog, although not my personal taste, has much more character. Simply the bright colors and the layout already makes is a much more attractive blog that readers will be more likely to click on; especially because the target audience for both blogs are women in their mid teens to young adults.


In this modern age, blogs are very popular, there are thousands of them. Another key aspect of blogging, according to Carroll, the author of Trends in Personal Publishing is the authenticity. Carroll defines authenticity as finding your voice. This is essential in blog writing where connecting with a community is the main focus. I think what makes a blog appealing is that it is more personal than a book. The readers have a more immediate, personal connection with the author. Therefore, it is so important that the character of the writer be seen within the blog based on the language and pictures they choose. As Carroll also says “reveal your identity as much as possible”.On the other hand, this sort of approach can get tricky when politics and policy are discussed, but again that all depends on the readers you want to attract.

Michael Morris says, “We are allowing meaning to come from meaningless.” He goes on to explain that until reader’s comment-on, share, or like a blog post, there is really no point to what is being written about. There is so much information floating around on the web that until someone discovers it, likes it or hates enough to talk about it, it’s just words.

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