I’m not doing my work work work work

Procrastination is something that is all too real on a college campus. From homework, laundry, doctors appointments, to grocery shopping, ask around and I guarantee everyone you ask will be procrastinating something. (Like I am writing this blog post to procrastinate studying physics hahahahahaha I’ll regret that later!)

Not everyone is good at procrastination and if you ask a professor, parent or even just any person claiming to be an adult, they’ll tell you procrastination is bad news. They do it too, they’re just in adult denial (adult denial; verb, speaking as if you have your life together when in reality you still never turned in that paper that was due on August 3rd 1999 but you’ll pretend it doesn’t keep you up at night).

BUT- I know someone that is good at procrastinating, and that is my wonderful magical powerful goddess of a roommate.

Now some people would think my roommate is crazy for how much she procrastinates, it used to make me nervous just to hear her talk about it during our first-year. But after living with her for a long time I have come to admired and be amazed by the gift that she holds.

I became a believer in this gift back in sophomore year. It was the Thursday night before spring break so all of the professors decided hey I’m going to make my paper and or test due on that Friday because the world is evil and I get

joy from watching you struggle to not accidently turn in your history paper to your biology professor MWHAHHAH!!! Just kidding, it’s actually great when everything is done before spring break but this Thursday was different…… me and my roommate had both put off one of our papers and we knew it was going to be a long night.



I started writing mine at 7pm and managed to whip out that bad boy by midnight. Luckily it was only a rough draft so I wasn’t too worried about what I was doing. My roommate, however, had a rehearsal or club meeting or something along those lines and got back to the room at 10pm with nothing completed for her paper yet. I was starting to get worried for her yet she was eerily calm.

I looked at her and said “you got this!” she looked at me and just says “I work really well under pressure”. At this point, I’m like she’s crazy, love her to death but this paper is due at in less than 12 hours!



The night continues on and I study for my impending exam until I fall into a restless sleep dreaming of assignments I might have forgotten. Occasionally I’d roll over and see her typing furiously away at the computer but quickly I’d fall back asleep.

I woke the next morning to her empty bed. My fingers were crossed for her as I dragged myself to my 8:30 class. They way our schedules worked I wouldn’t see her until the afternoon so I’d just have to wait to find out if she finished it or not.

I was back in the room getting ready to nap when she came in smiling, probably delusional from exhaustion or just pumped because we were finally on break.

“well what happened??” I pleaded.

“I stayed up till 3 working, slept till 6, woke up and finished it before my 9:30, and I actually feel pretty good about it, like I don’t think I’ll get a terrible grade” she replied. I was amazed but it wasn’t until a week and a half later the true amazement hit.

We were back from spring break and everyone was still recovering from the weeklong hangover

and the pain of those procrastination grades getting returned to us. But my roommate comes home that Monday with the grin of all grins on her face.




“you’ll never believe what  I got on my paper”

“the procrastination paper???” I replied eager to hear the verdict.


“I got an A!”  my jaw dropped not only did this wonderful human being procrastinated to the last possible minute but she still killed it. Amazing.

And I know what you’re thinking, this is not a onetime thing though I watched her pull through procrastination tactics that most students wouldn’t even think of using. She’s managed to turn in an assignment 2 MONTHS late and still get a good grade. It’s fascinating. I however, am not so lucky in the procrastination department so unless you are blessed with this gift, please kids don’t try this at home.


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