Feeling (tw)inspired

I thought I wanted to make a happiness blog or write about gratitude, but as I searched for blogs already doing that, I realized the topic was too broad and wasn’t something that I felt like I could write about for an entire semester. Instead, I started thinking about things that I talk about often, hoping that if I talk about them a lot, the writing would come a bit more naturally, and that’s when I decided on my blog idea. I’d like to write about being a twin.

I’m super close with my sister, Erika, and many of my close friends can attest that she comes up in regular conversation. I also like to talk about the number of weird, annoying, interesting questions or comments that strangers feel compelled to ask us whenever we’re out in public. (We had hoped that this would end as we entered adulthood… It didn’t.)

I want my blog to read as journal but look like a magazine. I really like an organized toolbar and homepage, and posts that are featured against a lot of white space. I plan on using color to make things stand out as I can. A Beautiful Mess is a great model of my ideal blog; they use color and it’s bright and young, but the content is organized into neat little squares and the menu at the top categorizes everything and is present on each page, making the site easy to navigate.

As I was surfing through the Internet to see what already existed and what I liked, I discovered that there are a lot of twins who blog, but there aren’t a lot of twin bloggers. What I mean by that is, Twins Who Travel is a blog about twin sisters traveling the world, but the traveling is the focus of their blog, not their relationship. The same is true for the Beckermen twins who share a blog that focuses on fashion. Although I also want to join the ranks of twin bloggers, I want my blog to be just a little bit different. I want my blog to focus on the experience of being a twin. It should serve as a journal entry style peek into the life of a twin and respond to some of the questions and comments that my sister and I have heard over the past 22 years. Oh, and that’s the best part! I love a bad pun, so I’m planning on naming my blog Twinty-Two.





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