What Makes a Good Blog?

What makes a good blog? This is a question that we have talked about for the past few weeks and I don’t think there is just one correct answer. One can go on the Internet today and legitimately find a blog on just about anything, however just because these blogs exist, doesn’t mean they are well done. Using the readings from the past two weeks, here are some of the things I think make a blog good.


In Digital Writing Uprising: Third-Order Thinking In The Digital Humanities, author Sean Michael Morris talks about the importance of collaboration on the Internet. The more we take advantage of this ability to collaborate, the more purposeful our writing becomes, which is something that I agree with. Morris’ next point is one that also resonated with me and that was the fact that “Today there is no value to our writing except as it is made useful”. It’s important to remember that when writing a blog, it only means as much as the audience thinks it means. If it has no audience, then it is useless, so it’s important to remember to target an audience when writing a good blog. Barstool Sports is a good example of a blog that targets a specific audience, with their main followers being young adults and teens, which are into funny sports content.

In Organic Writing and Digital Media: Seeds and Organs, author Pete Rorabaugh talks about the importance of growth among digital writing. He mentions how there is not one “right way” to evolve, but rather “growth is determined by the encouragement and critique of the community”. This is something that I definitely believe. I think for ones blog to become successful they need to be able to handle both positive and negative feedback in order to grow and evolve their blog into an even better version. If a blog leaves no room to grow then it will fail almost immediately, especially in todays world where interests are constantly changing.

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