What makes a good blog?

With thousands of blogs out there, some are still more famous than others. Such blogs like TechCrunch and Buzzfeed take the cake when it comes to being a successfully ran blog. So, what makes these blogs so special? From what I can tell, the BEST blogs truly cater to their readers. The best blogs pamper their readers in multiple ways from their design, writing, inclusion, and easy accessibility.

Most of the best blogs have a greatly designed website. They pull in their readers with their colors and format. For instance, TechCrunch boast an intriguing yet simple logo with a bright green color. It instantly captures your attention. The logo screams “tech” when you see it. From its broken block letters and imperfect C for crunch, it interests you because it looks different yet cool. Lance Hosey said it best, “Great design, the management expert Hamel once said, is like Justice Potter Stewart’s famous definition of pornography—” you know it when you see it… we reach out for attractive things, beauty literally moves us” ( Hosey). Successful blogs know how to move you from google to their site. Whether they are good or not, they capture your attention through their design.

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Great blogs capture their readers through design but they maintain this audience through their personable technology on their site. Sites such as TechCrunch and more are designed to lessen the work of the readers. Everything is organized perfectly from news, video, events, and it even has a search bar. Readers do not have to do much on these sites because the sites already do it for them. These sites act like most of today’s technology where they simplify their consumers life. Sherry Turkle  writes about technology, “Some people are looking for robots to clean rugs and help with the laundry. Others hope for a mechanical bride.” (Turkle 86). Not only do they make life simpler but they also help them feel included in the blog by having comment sections and suggestion boxes. Readers are guided on today’s blogs as far as where to go and what to see.

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Lastly, the most successful blogs make their articles easy to read and relate to. Blogs help with this by summarizing everything and citing. Pete Rorabaugh writes that “ Digital writing is both compiled and original” as he explains how writers don’t necessarily write for themselves anymore. It is strictly for the Digital world and those that engage in it. Rorabaugh also writes that great writers need to be sure to have citations and that “citations can’t be delayed… outside writers should begin citing sources …where students can quickly collect links.” (Rorabaugh). It seems writing in the digital platform is for the readers satisfaction and to maintain their interest. Good blogs keep their readers in mind by writing about the things their readers are interested in hearing and citing information.

Ultimately, the best blogs are cool looking. They are easy to navigate and they offer a quick read for the everyday reader. They will keep you coming back for more this way.

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