5 thoughts on “Report: Conference on Buddhist Ethics”

  1. For future consideration, one might suggest discussing the timely introduction of Buddhist ethics into police work. My recently completed work for my MLS in Criminal Justice deliberately and consistently approached all my work from a Buddhist perspective, from use-of-force training to ethics. That work, based on my years in law enforcement and my retirement career, suggest Buddhist meditation and Dhamma studies are practical, administratively effective tools for police work. Lt Mike Booth, G4S Nuclear Security

  2. Sounds like a great conference – and it will be great if more were to follow.
    Is there a possibility to listen to recordings of the sessions or read more of what was said?


  3. We did not record the conference; we wanted to have an atmosphere of easy conversation. In the future, other organizers might record the sessions.

  4. Dan,
    Many notes were taken at the sessions. There was some talk about publishing something. Any movement in that direction?

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