George’s Sub Shop

Among Italians, respect has always been one of the most important beliefs with which to live your life. George Mesitoris, founder of George’s Sub Shop, obliged by this idea of respect for his fellow Italians. When George opened his shop in Carlisle in 1958, he decided he would not make pizza because an Italian man on the other end of town operated a pizzeria. So it was not until a few years later, when this man decided to move to New York, until George’s began making pizza. As it stands today, George’s is Carlisle’s old pizza and sub shop, which will soon celebrate its’ 50th anniversery.


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  1. Candadai Tirumalai says:

    I knew George’s both as a delivery service and as a place to eat in as far back as 1967. Until 1984, when I left Carlisle, I used to see people constantly going in and coming out of it, with quite often a considerable bustle at the counter.

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